Deborah:That's very good. "Cunt," good. Get it out. Let it all out.
Danny:You cunt.
Deborah:We've established that.
Danny:I try.
Deborah:You try and try. You are misunderstood and depressed.
Danny:And you're no help.
Deborah:No, I'm a hindrance. You're trying to understand women and I'm confusing you with information. "Cunt" won't do it. "Fuck" won't do it. No more magic. What are you feeling. Tell me what you're feeling. Jerk.
DEB alone.
Deborah:My mother used to tell a story about how I came into the kitchen one day while she was preparing an important dish. I was about four. I said, "Mommy can I have a cookie?", and she for some reason misunderstood or misheard me, and thought that I said that I wanted a "hug," so she gave me a "hug," and I said "Thank you, Mommy. I didn't want a cookie after all."
(Pause.) You see? What is a sublimation of what?
(Pause.) What signifies what?
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